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Poly-technical Learning Pathways, High Quality Jobs & Australian Aboriginal Communities A Report from the Delegation of Aboriginal Representatives and the Australian Education Union to Austin Poly-technical Academy, October 6-16 2011  
Cook County manufacturers create more than 10,500 new or replacement jobs annually — jobs generally offering good wages and benefits.1 But Cook County’s education and training system does not provide adequate numbers of skilled people to fill those jobs, even though large numbers of area residents, particularly youth and those living in our poorer communities, are eager for opportunities for work. All told, there are some 404,000 manufacturing jobs in Cook County.2 In a sense, all of them are being put at risk by our failure to ensure that regional
  Austin Polytechnical Academy (APA: Emily Jaksch New Millennial Characteristics ) is a developing model of a true partnership meeting the education requirements essential to rebuilding our manufacturing economy; rebuilding communities; and preparing students, particularly from inner-city communities, with the aspirations, academic and technical skills, and values needed to succeed in securing the excellent careers available in our manufacturing economy. 
Closing the Gap, Surpassing the Competition: City Colleges of Chicago, Manufacturing, and International Best Practice describes the rationale and a plan for a benchmarking evaluation of the manufacturing programs offered by the City Colleges of Chicago. This paper is the result of a yearlong effort by an expert team working in conjunction with City Colleges and other advisors.
Austin Polytechnical Academy was founded in 2007 with the help of the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council, a coalition of business, labor, government, education and community leaders helping Chicago lead the world in advanced manufacturing.